President’s Blog

March 2, 2016


Thank you for visiting the new website for the Albina Rotary
Club. We hope you will find what we have to say here both interesting
and informative. My name is Tom Jenkins and I am the President of
Albina Rotary.

Let me begin with the basics. I have been a member of Rotary
for 44 years. I joined when my employer, IBM transferred me to Reno
Nevada to become the general manager for IBM sales and marketing
for the State of Nevada.

Today the question that I get asked the most is the question
that I asked when I was approached by a business friend of mine to
consider joining Rotary. I said, “What is Rotary”?

What I learned then and I tell people today is the following.
Rotary is an organization of men and women in the professions,
business, education, medicine, government and the social services. We
are members of all races, we are young and old, working and
retired. The one thing that we all believe and practice is the Rotary
Motto, “Service above Self’.

The Albina Rotary is a club that serves North and Northeast
Portland. We are interested in service to our community. In the
education arena our programs provide service to our youth to
enhance both academic achievement and community service. We
participate in many local and international Rotary programs designed
to better the health, education and economic success of peoples

Rotary’s greatest humanitarian project today is the elimination
of Polio from this earth. Starting in 1986 we have supported medical
missions to vaccinate all children worldwide. Today, 30 years after its
inauguration, our Polio Plus elimination effort is nearing completion.
There are only two countries left on this earth that still have an
endemic polio virus problem, We hope to see this project completed
successfully in the next two years.

Lastly, let me briefly talk about what Rotary can offer to each
and every adult. Many individuals see Rotary as an opportunity to
serve their community. These Rotarians stay in Rotary for the
friendship and leadership opportunities Rotary offers.

Many people see Rotary as an opportunity to create positive
change in our community. They say there is great satisfaction
working along side their friends and neighbors on projects that will
make a difference both locally and worldwide.

Finally, Rotary provides a forum for the exchange of ideas
which leads to solutions of both community and international
problems. Rotary to me is the catalysis for successful change.

If this sounds like a program that you would like to know more
about, contact me at I would love to
buy you a cup of coffee and tell you more about this organization
where I have spent so much time.